Pre-Columbian European Interaction with the Americas

It is now a well accepted fact that the Norse/Vikings visited North America several hundred years before Columbus
"discovered" America.  Even so, a huge debate rages as to the degree to which the Americas have been visited,
explored and exploited prior to Columbus.  

This is a vast area for research.  HistoryTec has chosen to focus on the narrower question of when Europeans  might
have engaged with the North America starting with the Viking age and beyond to pre-colonial America.   Somewhat as
a consequence of our location in Minnesota, we have actually focused our work mostly on trying to understand the
meaning and consequence of the several north American rune stones that may be evidence of Norse activities.  The
most prominent of these and the one getting most of our attention is the Kensington Rune Stone found near
Kensington Minnesota.

A second and possibly related line of inquiry involves the possibility that the Knights Templar and associated
Cistercian monks may have had significant pre-Columbian interaction with  North America.  Of particular interest are
theories that suggest that the Knights Templar/Cistercians could eve have been the creators of the Kensington rune

HistoryTec has not taken any final positions on the questions raised above.  Rather, it is the position of HistoryTec
that these are valid subjects for historical research, education and preservation.  We would welcome the opportunity
to work on any worthwhile project that attempts to further our understanding of this important area of American history.

The third area of research in this category involves an archeo-astronomy project which is attempting to confirm that the famous Newport Tower is in fact an astronomical observatory built prior to the colonization of the Newport Rhode Island area.
 A  report is in process.  

Sample Reports

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