Advanced Imaging and Imaging Analysis
(see demos)
HistoryTec performs advanced imaging at a Saint Paul, Mn studio. While it is more often  more
convenient and effective for us to work in our studio, we are able to perform nearly all of our
services out in the field.   HistoryTec offers imaging services in three catergories:

General Photography:  HIgh quality photographs are often required as part of a historical
research, preservation or education project, whether for documentation or publication purposes.  
HistoryTec uses high quality cameras and lighting equipment to capture your smallest artifacts to
your largest research sites.  UV and Infrared photography are also available.

RTI (Reflective Transformational Imaging): RTI is an advanced imaging method that is
especially useful for examining the surfaces of objects which contain hard-to-see features.  This
often takes place with old objects that have received a great deal of wear or have seen prolonged
exposure to the elements.  This is a common problem with old manuscripts, art work, coins,
inscribed monuments and cave/wall drawings. RTI works by capturing multiple  photographs in
which the source lighting is applied in a highly structure manner.  

Following is a short video showing how RTI was used to visualize the word Queztlalcoatl i.e.
mesoamerican God) from a worn,  tiny, engraved brass pin by viewing the pin with different lighting
angles and modalities
(Click Here)
3D Photogrammetry:  3D Photogrammetry is an advanced imaging method that is especially
useful for documenting objects with complex surfaces that are best viewed interactively in three
dimensions.  This is useful in all sizes and shapes of historical artifacts, art objects, buildings and
outdoor scenes.  Like RTI it can be useful when examining damage to an objects surface.
Following is an example of using 3D photogrammetry to examine the damage done to the inside
surface of stone hole that had extended environmental exposure and was contaminated with
material from a cast made of the hole (
click here).  (note:  right click - drag to rotate the image,
right click-shift-drag to pan, right click-ctl-drag to zoom)